This page is your motivation to visit Lviv, Ukraine and make the best of your trip!




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That Lviv Girl

About me

Hello and welcome to Lviv!

As I was a foreigner myself, I relate to tourists and aspire to ensure that their stay in the city is fun and safe. Lviv is very open and friendly. My assistance will help you to feel comfortable and make the most of your travel.

My experience as a traveler included visiting economics lecture in LaFoscari University of Venice, doing acrobatics in Israel, visiting the EU film festival in Bratislawa dedicated to mental health issues.

Western region of Ukraine is developing rapidly. Lviv is becoming live, active and economically advanced, but it still keeps its Eastern European mystery and charm. My best experience in Ukraine included riding hot air balloon over an ancient castle.

Some services I provide for free, such as visiting a church on Sunday (English service) plus translation during this event.


I can assist with multiple aspects of your trip, from housing, weather advice, transport, translation, reservation, attending events, connecting with your heritage, etc. I can use my professional network and skills to assist with business projects. I can help with locating partners and suppliers, locating professional legal assistance, communicating with government agencies, etc.

Personal Guide

Trip planning, translation, customized tours, immersing into local culture

Business assistance

Finding rentals, location advice, competition, finding partners/suppliers/buyers

Being your best self                

Eating healthy, weight loss programs, fitness programs, hair dresser, tailor services, professional fashion advice

Authentic experiences

Driving a tractor, playing golf, attempting acting…Specially tailored programs.

Personal Guide
Business assistance
Authentic experiences


From 19-21 March 2019, Iryna Maksymiv served as an English translator for meetings that the US Agency for International Development conducted with a Ukrainian bank. Her impressive technical knowledge and overall professionalism made her an indispensable partner to many hours of productive meetings.

I would be happy to recommend her to anyone requiring such services.


James Cashman | USAID Development Credit Authority

Superb excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable with the medical community. Very well organized in scheduling for medical appointment and coordinate with the relevant authorities. Very punctual. Good personality and polite person. Highly recommended if you need any assistance with the local community.

Azman, Singapore

Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable with all the medical procedures and communication with the local organisation. From dealing with the insurance to arrange with the medical appointment with the local hospital. Friendly personality. Highly recommended.
Azman, Singapore
Great timely assistance. Excellent English and communication. Expert in Lviv. I highly recommend! Thanks Iryna
Oren, Israel


Iryna is a real find of a guide. Her English is perfect and she is highly educated. She is very easy to get on with and can organise and book things in advance. She is extremely honest. You can’t go wrong with Iryna, like Colombia the danger is that you won’t want to leave.

Although based in Ukraine she’s confident in any Russian speaking country.

Colin Whiting London, England

Iryna is a real find of a guide. Her English is perfect and she is highly educated. You can’t go wrong with Iryna….
Colin Whiting London, England
As soon as I arrived at the airport she welcomed me with her typical dress and typical dessert to eat, honestly I was going to pull straight pretending not to know her but taken by remorse I immediately greeted her.
I began to wonder if I was dreaming or was in Ukraine….Leopolis/lviv proved to be a warm city with people who if they have time to meet you are able to give you something under the human side, they are passionate people with everything that entails. So Lviv should not be seen as the goal of nightlife but a place to understand a new world compared to what we live in Italy that can give us an inner growth.
I can only tell you that my heart has warmed up…….

Otello, Italy